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Interior Doors

Interior Doors

The very name of the interior door says that this door is installed inside in the home for either security or decorative purposes. Interior doors come in different designs, style and materials which range from solid wood, mirrors glass to even metal. Although these doors may not be visible or easily noticed by people coming into the house, they perfectly serve as the best finishing for your interior décor and other home decoration features.

The use of interior doors may seem uninteresting or utilitarian, but they can, however, be an integral part of a room's design and style. Right from the creation of the simplest forms of interior doors to the contemporary sophisticated and high-quality doors, there has been a great deal of change and increase in the total number interior door types available in the market. And number is so overwhelming that they may pose a challenge to the customer.

Most experts in interior doors will always suggest that buyers take special note and care whenever they are purchasing these interior doors. Note that type of interior doors that are installed in new or remodeled homes determines how nicely the interior decoration will flow. As a rule, interior door experts believe that the type of interior door you pick should reflect the overall design of your home, but it is also serve their purpose in terms of providing you with less sound transmission, temperature control, increased level of privacy and fitting within your budget.

Having known the importance of interior doors and why special care needs to be taken while choosing the best ones for your home, we have put together this article, to give you a step by step guide on what you need to know about the best interior door for your apartment or house.





This refers to the material used in making. In the manufacture of interior doors are used of very lot different components and materials. Range of materials is very large, but we can identify the main types and materials of doors produce are written in order of popularity and level of used in the manufacture of interior doors.

Solid Wood

Solid Wood Doors - it's are wooden doors which are made from diverse species of wood such as alder, cherry, fir, mahogany, maple, spruce and pine. While some of the species are hard, some may be soft. Solid wood doors are quite heavy and may have a sturdy look. They offer a high level of noise reduction in homes and offices. But they can be affected by fluctuation in temperatures and humidity which makes them expand (cold weather) or shrink (hot weather).

Wood Composite

These are doors made from recycled or reconstituted wood, with the use of compound wood fibers or use other wood derivatives. These doors are not affected by climatic conditions hence, may not shrink or expand. The main advantage of these doors before solid wood is that they are much cheaper

Hollow Core Doors

These are hollow core doors are very popular coupled with the fact that they are cost effective and readily available in a wide variety of styles and shapes. While the outer parts of these interior doorsare manufactured from fiberglass, plywood or molded composite skin, the inner parts are made from cardboard honeycomb. These doors come in different designs which differentiates the outside and inner parts. The hollow nature of the inner parts offers a little way of absorbing sounds and also controls the room temperature. They are the least expensive interior doors on the market.

Solid Core Doors

Just as the name implies, these are quite heavier and transmits less sound than their hollow counterparts. These doors are made from wood, fiberglass or wood composite on the outside while the inside is made of composite wood. They come in a variety of shapes, designs, and sizes which make them look more substantial than hollow core doors.

Metal Frame

These are interior doors made from mirrors, glass or metal plates. They offer a contemporary look and are often utilized as room dividers or for closet doors. They are mostly used as an element of design.




The type of interior doors to choose from can be very challenging since there are several of them in the market. And first, your choice should depend on the purpose of installing the doors.

Panel Doors

Panel doors belong to the category of interior doors found at home. These doors are either created from composite or solid wood materials. They are created from rails and stiles which are utilized for the creation of the panel designs. The panels are designed in such a way that they have a provision for glass inserts.

Sliding or Bypass Doors

These categories of interior doors are made from two or more segments which can slide past each other and they are mostly used as the best options for closets and other spaces which will not have enough room for a swinging door. In addition, these doors can be mirrored to make a small room look larger.

Pocket Doors

Although pocket doors can slide, they often disappear into the wall. They are perfect for little spaces where a swinging door may be a bad idea. They can come with glass inserts or solid panels.

Bi-Fold Doors

Bi-fold doors are used to cover a large space where a swing door may be too wide. These are often hinged, and they slide on a track. Bi-fold doors are mostly used in pantries and closets. In some cases, when using designer hardware, these doors can be used in ordinary rooms


The other examples of interior door types include; Flush Doors, French Doors, and Louvered Doors. Feel free to read our article on what are contemporary doors for more information on these door types.




Since they are used for decorative purposes, interior doors don’t have to be boring. All interiors door ought to perfectly fit into the home décor regardless of the fact whether your home is rustic or contemporary. Whether you decide to choose a one-panel door which is quite modern or 8-panel doors in order to have a more traditional feel, the choice is entirely yours. In terms of designs, Glass or Mirror Door inserts are a great way to create visual interests in a room and this will allow natural light to brighten the spaces. This glass insert range from textured distressed to smooth which will enhance the décor of your home. Also you may also decide to add grilles over the glasses for a more unique look. If these doors are install in a small room or you want to give even more volume, you can use a mirrors for create the illusion of a larger space.

Door Slabs versus Pre-hung Systems

These interior doors can be purchased either as slabs or pre-hung. A door slab is a term used to describe the door itself. This makes it easier to installing interior door with an already installed door frame in existence. A pre-hung system includes all other parts of the door you need such as hinges, frame and the door itself.

Sustainable Materials

Interior doors can be chosen either as slabs or with install pre-hung system. Term the "Door Slab" is a used to identify the door itself. Mounted of slab door is quite simple, because this door is installed in the door opening with door frame in existence. For pre-hung system includes you need used all other parts of the door such as hinges, lock, extensions, frame and the door itself.




Pick a door style

Picking a door style will help to guide your choice and also determines if the door will fit into your interior décor or not. Try as much as possible to give special attention to the architectural and aesthetic characteristics of the room, such as the size and tall of the room, color interior and room lighting, given the overall design of both the house and the rooms nearby. While picking a style, try to answer the following questions.

•  In what style the home was created?
•  What is this room for, how will you use it?
•  How much space does the room have and how high are the ceilings?
•  What is the materials of the ceiling, floor and walls?

Thanks providing sincere answers to these questions you will be able to choose the best interior door styleand model.

Make a choice which way the door is to do swing.

The first thing to do is to determine which side and where the door will open, you need to determine the direction the which door will swing and this will determines where you place the hinges. The direction your door swings differ from one room to the other. For example, bedroom doors swing into the room while doors to a family room are usually made to swing.

Select the material

Your choice of materials should not only match the to meet the practical and aesthetic presentation of your home, but also determines the type of interior doors style. Take a look at the materials listed above for a quick guide on the door materials.

Select the perfect color

The last and the final step is to need to choose a color to fit perfectly into your interior décor. There are neutral shades which will create an image of your interior doors perfectly fit into your home décor. Kindly contact our Customer support for more information.



The type of doors you install in your house goes a long way in speaking more about you, your taste and style. Choose doors that are affordable and speak a lot about you as a person


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