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Pocket Doors

Pocket Doors

Along with the usual sliding doors there is such a subtype of doors so as the sliding pocket doors. Structurally pocket doors do not differ from the bypass doors, based on the same components: slab (one or two), guides-rails, carriages with rollers and accessories. If desired – electric drive. The only difference is that when you open the slab is hidden from the eyes. In the altered section of the wall is a cassette in which the rollers enter the pocket door. These doors need the special sliding system, which is a single unit that is installed inside the wall. After installation this pocket door fits tightly not along the wall, as in conventional constructions, such as bypass or bi-fold doors, but directly into the wall.  If the sliding bi-fold door of the usual design and takes a little extra space, then the pocket doors to the wall do not steal a millimeter of free space in your home. And if you want to save space in the room, then you should look at those pocket doors.  The good solution is bypass door or bi-fold doors, is not always suitable: sometimes the place is so small that all the walls are filled with furniture and nowhere to move the canvas. But if the partition is not load-bearing and it can be partially dismantled, the option is still there: sliding pocket doors which make the slide into the wall. Such pocket doors structures have many advantages compared to conventional sliding doors, as well as with swing doors.

Pocket Doors Glass


How the pocket doors slide system is arranged?

If we talk about the principle of work, then it is difficult to find at least some differences from ordinary roller sliding systems. Doors that go into the wall also move by means of rollers and rails. But the difference still exists, and quite significant. It's all in the cassette or pencil case.

This is a large flat box in which all movable elements are hidden. Also, in this same box is hidden and the door leaf. If you want to close the door, the sliding pocket doors to the wall will leave completely.

Such a system makes it possible to solve several important tasks at once. So, one of these tasks is that the door block is in the wall. Such a cassette structure protects both the web and the mechanisms from various damages. It is dirt, dust, pranks of small children or pets. Puppies dogs of large breeds can cause significant damage to the elite door leaf with beautiful decorative finish.

And so - the pocket door is reliably protected, and it will not reach the growing curious puppy of the German shepherd, for example.

What is a pencil case or cassette for pocket doors?

Its dimensions are twice as large as the width of the doorway. On the one hand is a completely sealed box, in which the pocket door hides. On the other side is a frame. This frame consists of an upper and(or) lower rail, as well as a feigned bar. In general, this is a one-piece system that includes a door leaf. Another advantage - the lack of the need for assembly before installation work.

Advantages and disadvantages of the cassette solution

Advantages that have sliding cassette interior pocket doors leaving the wall - a lot. The constitution itself has all the valuable qualities by default.

First, among the advantages it is necessary to allocate the maximum saving of precious living space in small rooms. The system is compactly located inside the opening and does not protrude there for a single millimeter.

Thanks to this design, this pocket door can be closed very, very tightly. If you try to achieve a tight closure in the suspended sliding system, then success in this business will not be achieved. The bypass doors in this regard is slightly better. However, only the pocket structure can be closed for real.

The pocket door, which conveniently hides in the wall, can be not only single-slab. There are many models of bicuspid structures. It is important. In fact, along with narrow apertures, there are wide openings that need to be closed.

Pocket doors can be made to individual order - this allows you to solve the issue of closing non-standard openings in non-standard apartments or houses.


Also, worth noting and small, but from this no less pleasant little things, such as a complete lack of need at least somehow to rivet the opening. It is enough simple putty the walls and paste the wallpaper. Another nice advantage - door closers, or more precisely, the system of auto-closing. They are equipped only with expensive models, but these systems are completely hidden from the eyes. Closers can be both on an electric drive, and on a mechanical one.

And now we should say about the shortcomings. But there are not many of them, or rather, only two. The first drawback is purely economic. The price of pocket doors is quite high. And the second disadvantage is the very specific technologies that are used in the installation of this design.

Varieties of pocket sliding doors

The species of these systems is very small, because this is a standard product, which differs only in overall dimensions, type of fabric, and with structural elements.

Interior sliding pocket door in the wall type bypass can be manufactured in standard sizes or in non-standard by individual order. In the raw openings from 36" and more, double pocket doors constructions are installed.

Double Pocket Doors

If we talk about additional devices that add some functions, the sliding pocket door to the wall can be equipped with a door closer or an automatic closing system.

Pocket doors can to equip with beautiful, compact and functional solutions any types of residential and non-residential premises. Very rarely, but still, on sale you can find the entrance doors, working on this principle. However, they are not intended for installation in homes or apartments. They are equipped with entrances to supermarkets and other similar buildings.

Assembling the pocket doors with your own hands

You can safely say, and it will be true that the process of installing a sliding pocket door into the wall is very difficult. The technology also includes some nuances. You can deal with it with your own hands, but you should understand, and most importantly know the technological process confidently.

The first step is to prepare an opening. At this stage, you should disassemble or break part of the wall. Even if it is necessary to break, it should be done as accurately as possible, and the process must be controlled by a measuring instrument.

Then, from the cassette-pencil case, the length and width are removed. These dimensions then outline the contours for the new doorway and cut it out with the utmost precision. It is very important that the level of both the side parts and the top part is kept - accuracy is very important here. The exact opening is a simpler mounting of the cassette holder. Also, do not forget about the gap, which is provided between the door opening and the cassette. Ideally - leave near 1" and one side, and on the other. These gaps then help to level the whole structure.

Next - the cassette is mounted in the resulting opening.

Also, on how well the cassette-pencil is leveled, the service life depends. The cassette can be secured with special products, or the design simply shrinks with the help of a mounting foam. Apply two ways of fastening at once.

Further - a false wall for a sliding pocket door is arranged. Here, all the subtlety in choosing the right method of fastening, as well as in the technology of mounting gypsum. For the most part, the technology depends on the thickness of the partition in which the cassette with the cloth is installed. If the thickness is enough, then make a frame using a profile, if the thickness does not allow, then the drywall can be built directly on the cassette. Do not use long screws for fastening - this can damage the door leaf.

In conclusion about the pocket doors.

This is all that can be said about these pocket doors. For most people, editing technology may seem superfluous, but in fact it is not. Having certain skills, you can easily build this structure. But do not think that the process is very simple - this is also not true.


Efforts always pay off and this is expressed not only in the beauty of the door or the comfort of operation. This is also a moral satisfaction from the quality work done, and the pocket door is entirely worth the effort. The design has many advantages, does not miss noise and smells, closers make the operation even more comfortable, and residents of urban compact apartments will be able to 100% evaluate this solution.

You can choose and order a pocket doors in our online-shop or contact us to find out  more information about the pocket doors.


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