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Contemporary Doors

Contemporary Doors

Contemporary doors go beyond the fanciful heavily decorated doors we see on a regular basis. These doors serve a major purpose of beautifying the home while providing maximum security against any form of intrusion. They come in different styles and designs which can perfectly suit your taste.

There are many types and models of doors which are used for different purposes. Most often they are either installed for personal or official use and this ultimately guides the selection of materials types of designs and the installation of other door accessories such as alarming system soundproof mechanism light penetration and security lock mechanism.

The simplest examples of a conventional Contemporary doors - is a single leaf door which consist of a single rigid panel that fills the doorway. There are other varieties such as the double doors which have two adjacent independent panels hinged on each of the doorways.

Selecting the best type of Contemporary doors for home and office use can be very confusing most especially when you have a limited idea on which type of door will fit in perfectly. In this article, we shall examine the various criteria that should guide your choice of doors in terms of home and office use.


        In choosing the best doors for home use, we suggest you take the following into cognizance.

The home interior décor

        Ideally, all contemporary interior doors that are installed for home use should match with the interior decoration of the home. This does not just make the door fit perfectly into the interior décor, but it also compliments it by giving it a perfect and wonderful finish. The door style, material, paint, and design should perfectly match with the interior decoration of the home.

The climatic condition

        The climatic condition of the environment determines the type of doors you install in your home. We suggest you consult with expert Contemporary door manufacturers to give you a step by step guide on the best modern doors that can be used in different climatic conditions. You can also contact our customer care for more information, we will be glad to help.

The location or position of installation

        The position of installation determines the type of material used the style and design of the door to be installed. While double doors may be great for the main entrance they may be a total disaster when installing in bathrooms and kitchens. Take your time carefully study the location of the room where you want to install the door as this will help define the best type of door for your home.

The level of security

        Doors are installed for either primary or secondary purposes. While the latter focuses on decoration and beautification of the home, the former plays a vital role in the security of the properties kept behind the door. While installing Contemporary doors, take note of the level of security you require. There are doors that have been equipped with the best locking system that gives room for more security and lives and properties.

The material

        The material used in manufacturing the door to a large extent determines if they can be used at home or not. While glass doors are great, they may be a totally bad idea for home installation owing to the fact that these may predispose the people at home to dangers. Consult our customer support system for a step by step guide on how to choose the best material for your Contemporary doors.


        When it comes to choosing the best doors for your office, most people believe all you need to do is to walk into a door shop and pick the next available door that fits into the frame and you are good to go. Contrary to this popular belief, the type of doors you install in your office goes a long way in improving the level of security, and privacy in your office. Here are some of the characteristics which qualify a door for office use.


        Office doors ought to be sound proof to increase the level of privacy and securities offered during closed-door meetings. Wood and glass are good materials which can be utilized for the creation of soundproof doors.

High level of security

        The office is one place that needs the best form of security you could ever think of. Although this can be affected by the location of the office or what is kept inside, we suggest you opt-in for doors which have a high level of security and can withstand assault from intruders. There are Contemporary doors that come with some security accessories preinstalled.

Allows the passage of light

        While the doors should offer a high level of privacy it is good that they also allow the passage of light. This will reduce the rate at which the windows are opened from time to time.

For office use, wooden or glass doors are the best since they offer a high level of security, absorbs sound and  allows the passage of light.


        There are several types of Contemporary doors in the market but for the scope of this article, we shall limit the number to only those that can be used at home or in the office.

Swing doors

        These doors are one is the most popular type door, this a regular door that opens in any direction. If you carefully look around you, you will understand that we are met everywhere and escorted by different types of swing doors. Fans of the traditional approach to repair will argue that the mechanism, time-tested, is the most reliable. In many ways they are right, indeed this option guarantees a relatively easy and fast installation and nice to use. However, it is worth remembering that these types of interior doors by the method of opening require enough free space directly in front of the entrance. If you are the owner of a spacious house or apartment, you may not even notice this drawback, but with limited space, the swing door becomes an additional obstacle to normal life.

Bypass  sliding doors

        These are one of the most used doors type for cabinetry and closets. But these bypass doors have also found use indoors for entryways too. these doors take a minimum amount of space wherever they are installed since they can slide along each other or the wall rather than the usual swinging. As far as small and cramped areas are concerned they are the best options.

Pros and Cons

•  They are the best door options in small and congested areas
•  They are easy to manipulate as entry doors
•  The sliding mechanism may develop fault often

Bypass  Pocket sliding doors

        These types of doors also come in handy as far as space conservation is concerned. Although they are similar to sliding, they allow you to slide the doors into the walls rather than on each other as it is observed in sliding doors. These doors are greatly admired for their space-conservation characteristics as well as their convenience in out of sight aesthetic.

Pros and Cons

•  They provide a better option for space conservation
•  Their convenient and out-of-sight aesthetic is a great improvement
•  They require frequent maintenance which may come at a price

Bypass  Barn - sliding doors

        Barn Doors is often implemented in a modern interior, also  these doors are often used to create an interior in loft style or used to create a rustic interior.  The design of the barn doors is diverse-from just cohesive boards or a wide Board with a beautiful structure to exclusive doors. The common for all doors is the fittings for their opening. The doors themselves can be attributed to the hanging sliding doors with all the positive and negative properties that are are at the sliding doors.

Bypass  Bi-fold - Folding doors

        Bi-fold doors, alternative term is concertina doors, these types of Contemporary doors have become very popular for granting access to indoor spaces to the outdoors, such as serving as a passage from the living area onto the outdoor patio. Although popular, they are used mostly in interior spaces as well as creating a well free-flowing open-plan layout when opened. When these doors are closed, they offer the homeowners or office users the benefits of a closed-off, separate working or living spaces.

Pros and cons

•  They offer a great deal of security in homes and offices
•  They allow a free flow of the passage
•  They may require periodic maintenance and repairs


Contemporary doors come in different sizes, shapes and designs. Take special note of the factors listed here whenever you are purchasing a door for your home or office use.


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