How We Got Started

Door Factory by Braga truly is Florida’s Best Secret……

Door Factory by Braga is part of Braga S.P.A. Our offices in Hallandale Beach, Florida and Casalmaggiore is a comune in the province of Cremona, Lombardy, Italy, - are diligently working to meet the needs of our clients in US and other world location. The company is operated by a team with years of experience in product development, production, marketing and product distribution. Our principals have background in finance, design and architecture. Door Factory by Braga is involved in importing door elements from our factory located at Casalmaggiore is a comune in the province of Cremona, Lombardy, Italy. We are able to offer both solid wood engineered door panels to Honey Comb construction for more economical solution without compromising quality of our product. All our door jambs and moldings are made of plywood and engineered wood for stability and unparalleled quality. This business model allows us to deliver just a few doors from inventory in either standard or custom sizes to being able to service our trade clients by being able to make necessary adjustments in our shop located in Hallandale Beach, Florida.
Currently Door Factory by Braga has reached successful distribution in our local Florida market, but we are not stopping here. We are prepared to pursue and develop markets outside of Florida. We offer knowledge and support to our partners / dealers where we deliver samples and co-op on advertising in the local market. Our product ranges from laminated solid wood doors, veneered finished or unfinished doors and everything in between. If today, you are operating a successful retail location offering interior doors to your clients – we want to talk to you.

For dealership opportunities, please call us: 954-404-7808 or email:

* Serving retail, wholesale, hospitality and builder clients since 1999
* We ship anywhere in the world
* Our Factories are operated by generations of family members
* We offer Modern, Traditional Interior Doors.
* Excellent Customer Service and Product Guarantees.
* Work with Private Clients, Trade, Builders and Developers
* Ability to deliver 5 doors for a condo or 5,000 doors for a commercial or residential project.
* All products is produced with environment in mind.
* We are a Green Company – using only environmentally friendly materials available in the market place.

 2085 John P Lyons Lane, Hallandale Beach, FL 33009