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Contemporary Interior Doors


Interior doors can be defined as solid core doors which are installed within a property. Contrary to their other counterparts (exterior doors) these interior doors play a vital role in the finishing and overall decoration of the home. Recently, there has been a considerable increase in the interior door markets. Over the past few years, it has witnessed a tremendous growth owing to the rise in construction activities and a surge in the home remodeling and improvement expenditures.

The interior design of a room is no longer restricted to the color of the walls, furniture, and accents; they now also include contemporary interior doors which has the power to make a real impact by installing beautiful interior doors in your home. These doors when chosen correctly, blends perfectly well with your interior décor and go a long way in fulfilling your dream of owning a home of your choice.

A beautifully designed door is one of those subtle necessities which can make a big difference in your home’s style. Most of the interior doors may go fairly unnoticed but if chosen correctly, they can have a great impact on the overall appearance of a room or interior space. These doors don't just serve as a gateway to your home but a direct representation of your taste, class, and personality as an individual. Data based on reports gathered from interior door experts reveals that this is a vital part of any indoor space and that great care must be taken whenever you are making your selection.

Factors to consider while choosing the best interior doors for your home

Regardless of your need for an interior door, whether you are building, renovating or just looking to upgrade the look of an interior space, picking the right type of interior doors is a very important step. The other factors that must be taken into cognizance when choosing the best interior doors are style, the door type, the materials, energy efficiency and door hardware.

Knowing that choosing these contemporary interior doors may be a thing of a challenge, we have put together this article to serve as your guide in choosing the best interior doors for your home decoration and security.

Door style.

The door style is the most important factor to be considered whenever you are choosing the best contemporary door for your home. The type of door style you choose, goes a long way in complementing the overall architectural and internal décor of your home. Regardless of whether your home features a contemporary of traditional style, we are of the opinion that you choose only classical styled doors which may either be paneled, French or Cottage-pane for instance. The installation of your interior door should reflect the style of the interior décor. This is very evident when you make use of  angular, flush doors which will sit very well in sleek, modern interiors as do doors which are fully glazed. 

To guide you in making your choice, we suggest you try to mix and match a little. In all this, you will need to keep some elements the same so that there is a flow throughout. Ideally, it is advised that all the interior doors should match one another. One of the biggest trends today is to pair the interior doors with your choice exterior doors to create a seamless and harmonious flow throughout your home.

Type of Contemporary interior doors.

Speaking about contemporary interior doors, there is a vast array of different doors available in the market and thus, it is very important for the homeowner to consider each space before making a decision on the one that best suits your home style, taste, and decoration. The type of door to be installed is strictly determined by the location. While sliding doors may be great for the room entrance, they may be a disaster when installing in your kitchen or bedrooms. 

The size of the room.

This strictly determines the size of the door is installed. For a well spacious room, it is very important that you install contemporary doors that will allow easy access into the room. It will be a very unwise idea to have a spacious room with a small door.

The amount of light in the room.

Doors are installed to either keep or allow the entrance of light into a room.  In most of the cases, the amount of light in the room is directly proportional to the size and type of the contemporary interior doors. If you want a room that will be dim, then it is very important that you install doors that will keep the lights out and vice versa. Wooden doors are great at keeping the lights our hence one of the major reason they are always installed in bedrooms and regions where much light is not needed in the house.

The color and decoration style of the room.

This is one of the most serious criteria to be taken into due consideration. Ideally, your contemporary interior door should have matching colors with your interior décor. This will not just make your home look good from the inside but it also harmonizes the message your interior decoration is trying to pass.

Cost of the door.

The cost of the interior door should always be a thing of concern whenever you are choosing the best interior door for your home. It will be an unwise decision to opt in for an interior door that will cost way more than you can afford. Make sure you only purchase doors that are within your spending capacity. Before purchasing your interior door, you can carry out a market survey on the best doors that may fit into your taste and at an affordable rate too.

Type of material.

Contemporary interior doors are created from different materials such as wood, glasses or metal. Consider the location you want to install the door and ask some important questions on the type of doors to install. For instance, the best material for kitchen doors is usually made of wood.

The Global Interior Door Market

The global interior door market is currently enjoying great increase in the total number of revenues generated and units sold. In 2016 alone, the global Interior door market was valued at $49,847 million and this value is expected to reach a climax of $74,967 million by 2023. Between the periods of 2017 to 2023, it is widely anticipated that the global interior door market will increase at a Compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 6.1%.

Despite the fact that the interior door market has experienced a significant growth in the last few years, we are very positive this increase will be maintained throughout the forecast period and beyond. The various types of interior doors which are making headway include but are not limited to multi-slide doors, bi-fold, sliding and swinging doors.

There are some advancements which are driving the interior doors market and this has assisted the players to create a eco-friendlier door, increase in the expenditure of home remodeling, surge in residential and non-residential construction in most of the developed countries such as the U.S. There has also been an increased demand for recyclable raw materials and the rise in government support to adopt the use of Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) which is based on the improved efficiency of energy conservation properties are expected to bring a boost in the production in the interior doors market.

The report gathered from the interior doors market is, however, segmented by the door type, the material used in production, mechanism of function, end user and geography.

Interior doors Market Key Segments:

By Door Type

•  Panel Doors
•  Bypass Doors
•  Bi-fold Doors
•  Pocket
•  Others

By Material

•  Wood
•  Metal
•  Glass
•  Fiberglass
•  Fiberboard
•  Vinyl
•  Others

By Mechanism

•  Swinging
•  Sliding
•  Bypass
•  Folding
•  Revolving
•  Others

By End User

•  Residential
•  Non-residential

By Geography

•  North America
    -  U.S.
    -  Canada
    -  Mexico
•  Europe
    -  UK
    -  Italy
    -  Germany
    -  France
    -  Rest of Europe
•  Asia-Pacific
    -  China
    -  India
    -  Japan
    -  Rest of Asia-Pacific
    -  Latin America
    -  Middle East
    -  Africa

Key Players

•  Artisan Hardware
•  Bayer Built Woodworks Inc.
•  Chaparral Doors
•  Colonial Elegance Inc.
•  Concept SGA
•  Contractors Wadrobe
•  Jeld-Wen Holding Inc.
•  Masonite International Corporation
•  Rustica Hardware

Top Investment Pockets

As at 2016, the Asia-Pacific, accounting for more than 50% share is the most dominant regional market for all interior doors. This high demand was due to the growing housing market in China, India and other developing countries.


The level of use and acceptance of contemporary interior doors is on the increase. The more informed you are about these doors the better shaped your choice becomes when purchasing the doors.